Construction Litigation — Residential/Commercial Legal Representation

Construction litigation results in significant time and expense for your firm. Such lawsuits bring development projects to an instant halt. Businesses cannot afford such delays.

At Jordan, Hyden, Womble, Culbreth & Holzer, P.C., we do what's necessary to look out for your bottom line. Our attorneys have provided construction litigation services along the Gulf Coast and throughout much of Texas. We've represented businesses on all sides of these disputes, including business owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers. We resolve construction disputes through litigation, negotiation, or in mediation or arbitration settings.

The Types Of Construction Litigation Representation We Provide

There is no aspect of construction litigation either on the residential or commercial side we have not handled. Having nearly a combined 100 years of legal experience in working with businesses, we understand the needs of the company when approaching these lawsuits.

Our lawyers involve themselves in every aspect of construction litigation whether it involves using liens to secure payment, construction defect claims, delays, contractor disputes or third-party claims. We also handle construction contract disputes.

Helping Clients Avoid Construction Litigation

Besides what we've already mentioned, we also provide advice and guidance in helping your business avoid future litigation. We do this by overseeing the contracts your company prepares, your business policies and providing guidance regarding business practices.

Contact Our Construction Litigation Attorneys

Contact the Corpus Christi office of Jordan, Hyden, Womble, Culbreth & Holzer, P.C., by calling 361-884-5678. We also have offices in Austin.